Neuralnet is a company dedicated to the development and design of Windows Phone, Xbox Live and Windows 8 Applications.

Neuralnet is on the cutting edge of Windows Phone and Windows 8 application development, we are working closely with the Microsoft Windows and Windows Phone development team and user group in order to create next-gen applications.

With the advent of Microsoft Windows Phone and Windows 8, Application development has gained more significance and popularity. Our company possesses a dedicated team of professional mobile application development programmers and designers who create impressive and popular Windows Phone and Windows 8 Apps.

Founded in 2008, Neuralnet is a team of developers-designers based in Orlando, Florida with the vision of creating applications that are innovative and useful for our audience. Albert Einstein once said- “Imagination is more powerful than knowledge”, and we truly believe that, we focus in hard work, unmatched creativity and real talent to provide you with the best apps that you can find in the market today.

Neuralnet needs your feedback in order to improve and bring better quality to our apps. Our main inspiration as Windows Phone, Xbox Live and Windows 8 developers is to deliver an amazing experience to our users via our catalog of apps.